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Invitation of Movie Night “STEM Smallfoot Project” outreach designed to engage potential parents:

List of community/business partners and field trips with descriptions of their involvement:

  • Stop the Bleed
    • Miami Dade Fire Rescue will teach an age-appropriate class on how use problem-solving skills in case of an emergency
  • STEM Week
    • Carved Woodworks will teach and model how STEM skills are used every day in wood working and relates the skills to STEM projects
    • Homestead Police Department teaches how the Traffic Department uses STEM skills every day in managing street traffic and relates the skills to STEM projects
  • Colgate Teeth Safety Day
    • Colgate team taught a class on Oral Health and how STEM skills can be used in dentistry
  • University of Florida
    • IFAS Extension Center Professors came in to explain to students how to use STEM skills in studying the environment

Print out of Donors Choose projects with written goals where teachers seek partners to acquire STEM resources to support the STEM curriculum:


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